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We pioneered SS Water Purifier company is one of the best water purifier in India that adds vital minerals to water thereby assuring good health for your family. We are also the first in India to launch a 12-stage RO water purifier with the maximum storage capacity and 12 months warranty. Choose and buy from our wide range of water filter + UV, UF and RO water purifiers for home in India with easy EMI facility. Our aim to make the world a healthier and more sustainable place to live. We, at SS Water Purifier, assure good health by providing safe and pure drinking water through a wide range of best RO water purifiers & water filters.

The water coming out of the tap can contain rust, bacteria, cysts, sand and many a times even chemicals and dissolved salts that can only be eliminated by the best water purifier in India.

Besides bacteria & virus, water from bore-well can harbor some of the deadliest known chemicals & metals like Fluoride, Arsenic, lead & many dissolved salts. With a water filter that is powered with SS Water Purifier's RO technology, you can turn bore-well water into pure drinking water.

Depending upon the source, the water from over-head tank can be highly contaminated with heavy metals, chemicals and biological impurities. Thus, it is essential to use water purifiers.

Use SS Water Purifier RO purifiers for 100% Safe, Healthy, Tasty and Pure Drinking Water.

Why is purified water better than boiled water?

In the developing world, 80% diseases are water-related. The World Health Organization states that the provision of safe water alone will reduce diarrheal diseases by up to 50%. Also, as a result of pollution, the water you drink may contain heavy metals and iron rust which boiling cannot remove. These metals can hamper the mental development in children. Boiling is not the answer as it does not remove harmful contaminants that water purification can.

Increasing pollution levels have increased the incidence of metals like Lead in our water. Lead is an extremely dangerous metal that can make its way into the water supply through contaminated soil and air. And upon being consumed, it can adversely affect our health and seriously impact the mental development of our children. This is why it is extremely important for our water to be adequately purified before consumption.


The most commonly used methods of purification are Chlorination, Boiling, Ultra filtration (UF), Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection and Reverse Osmosis (RO) Purification.

Advantages of Double Purification by RO/UV+UF

Unlike conventional water purification processes based on a single technology, SS Water Purifiers work through double purification by RO and UV/UF. It has the following distinct advantages:

  • Double purification leaves less scope for impurities to pass through.
  • Ensures bacteria and viruses are totally killed.
  • Although RO purification process removes even dissolved impurities, back-up purification by UV and UF processes makes the water 100% Safe all the time.


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We pioneered SS Water Purifier company is one of the best water purifier in India that adds vital minerals to water thereby assuring good health for your family